A downloadable game for Windows

This Game Is Not About Reptilians Replacing Scientists On The Moon

A game for the Community Game Jam by Bryce and Caleb.

Jam theme: the game is a liar.

It's definitely not a game about reptilians replacing scientists on the moon.

Look at that little moth guy, it's gotta be about him.


(ps if you have the option available, don't play this at anything but 16:9.  everything will break if you do.  please and thank you)


Here's the game. Take it. 36 MB


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This was a cool little game, but I'm not sure what's up with your thumbnail. Why is it pixel art of the Flatwoods Monster and Mothman? Why not a screenshot. Oh shit that's part of the lie. I didn't fully understand why I would sometimes get truth and sometimes lie for the same question but I eventually decided that sometimes they get away with the lie and you have to repeatedly ask them until they get caught.

If there's only one reptilian, why the fuck does everyone lie about everything. What does it mean if they're lying about their own name but it's really them. I spent a really long time mulling it over and caught the reptilian, but I thought there were more reptilians since everyone is a fucking liar so it was a bit anticlimactic to see a quick animation and then "you win." Atmosphere was good, though. I got way too invested and spent way longer than the 5 minutes I planned on giving this game.

I think you should put a screenshot of your game on your page, because there's over a thousand submissions and people probably won't bother checking a game they have to download with just some pixel art. You're lucky I get a boner for Mothman and the Flatwoods Monster or else nobody might've played this.(Also there's a cryptid game jam coming up next month, btw)